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Thrilling Competition in FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile for iOS: Additional features

Visuals and Gameplay

All players of FIFA Mobile who play the game on iOS are fully satisfied with the gameplay and visuals of this game. Because it offers all players 3d visuals and smooth gameplay. Any game that has eye-catching graphics and easy touch controls attracts its players easily. Moreover, with HD graphics and smooth gameplay, it is free to download from AppleStore.

Instantaneous Multiplayer Games

This game allows you to challenge your fight or compete with great morals with other players worldwide on iOS devices. If you challenge your friends and play matches with them in this way you can test your skills and tactical prowess. Before playing big matches climb up on the leaderboard and assemble yourself as a powerful force in the FIFA Mobile community.

Live Events and Challenges

FIFA Mobile knows the interest and excitement of players and it keeps alive that excitement with regular live events and tournaments. With the help of these live events and tournaments players can earn many rewards, coins, unlock new players, and players kit items.

Face ID and Touch ID Security

FIFA Mobile is a fully secure application, but for more security for iOS users, this game added Face ID and Touch ID systems. If any player has an expensive account or any security issue then he can use this for free in FIFA Mobile on iOS devices.

Exclusive iOS Customization Options

To personalize and secure your account and gaming experience you just have to on exclusive iOS customization options. This is an additional feature for iOS users which is very helpful for them. This feature adds strong security to your account and gaming experience.

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